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Candidate Testing and Management System (CMS)

Save time and get better results by filtering through the applicant noise to find your ideal candidate. XpressQuiz offers an easy-to- use platform with a wide range of questions to objectively test and filter candidates based on the best fit for the specific position you are hiring. From entry-level clerical, warehouse, kitchen staff to midlevel managers in IT, business development, sales and everything in between.


Save time and get better results from your application process by using objective methods.


Quiz applicants with pre-selected job templates or create your own custom quizzes relevant to the position you are hiring.


Manage candidate applications and filter to interview and select the best candidates.


XpressQuiz is designed to take the headache out of the hiring process. So much of the complexities around selecting and managing applicant responses have to do with interpreting which candidates are the best fit. These decisions are made typically based on subjective reviews of sometimes hundreds of resumes that may or may not be accurate. Some resumes may be ‘keyword inflated’ to stand out. On the other side, a resume may overlook the particular qualities that a candidate possess that will make him/her an ideal candidate for your position thereby representing lost value for your organization.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

XpressQuiz offers flexible pricing plans to fit all levels of companies from small one-person entrepreneurs to large corporations.


Free for Ever

Single Job Post Quiz / year

  • Designed for trial purposes
  • LIMITED to 20 applicants
  • not recommended for hiring


Up to 5 Job Posts Quizes / year

  • Monthly fee *
  • Designed for micro-businesses
  • (1-5 employees)


Up to 10 Job Posts Quizes / year

  • Monthly fee *
  • Designed for small companies
  • (5-50 employees)


Unlimited Job Posts Quizes

  • Monthly fee *
  • Designed for medium-sized companies
  • (50+ employees)

* Billed in 6-month increments. Number of annual job posts divided evenly between each 6-month billing cycle

Single job post pricing (unlimited applicants/60 days): $189 - Choose now

Need a custom package or alternative payment arrangements? - Contact Us

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: $99 setup fee waived for first time customers

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